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Here you can read up the basics of SEO-Search engine optimization tips and tutorials on improving websites and blogs visibility on search engines.

We write about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing of websites and blogs, like SEO  news, Search Engine Marketing News and Social Networks news.

We also try to give advice about how webmasters and blog owners should follow the Google webmaster guidelines.

Also, we write news about Social Networks, new social networks, and older ones.

Almost every news regarding Search Engines we try to write on our site so that our users get informed quickly.

Editors and Authors:

For the moment on our site, we have currently five Authors from which one of them also have the role of editor.

We are open to welcome even more Editors and Authors if you are interested in using the Contact us page in the top menu.

Current Editors and Authors:

1. Burim Bekteshi - Editor and Author, the founder of SEO Basics.

2.Cassie Phillips - Author,

3.Sophorn Chhay - Author,

4.Sara George - Author,

5.Anika Heussaff.

SEOBasics.info is a blog founded in September 2015 by a SEO enthusiast Burim Bekteshi .

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I am Burim Bekteshi, an SEO Specialist Consultant, and Keyword Researcher and also a Medical Student.

I like optimizing websites and blogs for search engines and my best skills are keyword research, on-site SEO, user experience, etc...

I prefer to work on Blogger and Wordpress but I am capable of working on the most content management systems.

I have (at least that's what I think of myself) excellent knowledge of search engine optimization especially on the on-page and technical SEO, keyword research and analyzing competitors for their keywords and backlinks opportunities.

I also love SEO -Search Engine Optimization, and I run one blog in English about it: SEO Basics-Learn, Read News, Tips, Tutorials Blog and an Albanian version of it named: SEO Shqip Kosove-Keshilla, Tutoriale.

My other blog is my business website as a Freelancing SEO Analyst where you can find more info about hiring me as an SEO freelancer.
That website is Outsource SEO Services, Audit, Report, Keyword Research, Analyze

I am also an AC Milan fan and I enjoy watching their matches.

I also own another site in the Albanian language with product reviews and descriptions: Blej Online Kosove -Porosit Fustana, Kepuca, Telefona, Ora, Rroba

Burim Bekteshi - SEO Analyst


Google Analytics for Beginners

Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Get certified in Mobile sites

DateJan 2018 – Present

Link to the certificate: https://academy.exceedlms.com/enrollments/download_certificate/6444757

Get certified in Mobile sites -Burim Bekteshi
Get certified in Mobile sites -Burim Bekteshi

Mobile Sites Certification

Jan 2018 – Jan 2019

Link to the certificate:


Online course for SEO at Fluency.io

Link to verify certificate: http://www.fluency.io/awards/119415

Fluency SEO Certificate of Burim Bekteshi
Fluency SEO Certificate of Burim Bekteshi

Online course for SEO from SEOMoz at Udemy

Online course for SEO from SEOMoz at Udemy
Online course for SEO from SEOMoz at Udemy

Online course for Content Marketing by Hubspot Academy:
Online course for Content Marketing by Hubspot Academy
Online course for Content Marketing by Hubspot Academy

Link to verify certificate: https://hubspot-academy.s3.amazonaws.com/prod/certification/certificate-pdfs/CC3FB43FF97A4257A9DA14AC2E7A14C9

Online course for Search Engine Optimization by eMarketing Institute

Search Engine Optimization
December 2017 to Present
Certificate of Completion This certificate is awarded to Burim Bekteshi For successfully completing the eMarketing Institute online course and examination of the topic of Search Engine Optimization Issued on: 11/12/2017 Certificate number: CERT00181942-EMI Exam name: Search Engine Optimization
Online course for Search Engine Optimization by eMarketing Institute
Online course for Search Engine Optimization by eMarketing Institute


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