The Secret of Successful Anchor Text for SEO

When optimizing your site for SEO, one important technique is the use of Anchor text-the word or phrase you use as the link.

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Use Anchor Text for Better SEO
Use Anchor Text for Better SEO
When optimizing your site for SEO, one important technique is the use of anchor text, the word or phrase you use the link.

The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive from search engines.

Suitable anchor text makes it easy to convey the contents linked.

With appropriate anchor text, users and search engines can easily understand what the linked pages contain.

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Anchor text usually gives the user relevant descriptive or contextual information about the content of the link's destination.

Consider the anchor text, the actual text of your links, carefully when making internal links on your site.

In order for spiders to notice your site, relevant keywords should be incorporated into anchor text.

The anchor text you use for a link should provide at least a basic idea of what the page linked to is about.

Avoid writing generic anchor text like "page","article", or "click here" and using text that is off-topic or has no relation to the content of the page linked to.Also, avoid using the page's URL as the anchor text in most cases.
Aim for short but descriptive text-usually a few words or a short phrase.

Make it easy for users to distinguish between regular text and the links.

You may usually think about linking in terms of pointing to outside websites, but paying more attention to the text used for internal links can help users and Search Engines navigate your site better.

When it comes to backlinks to your site, since the Google Penguin update, it pays to avoid having too many links with highly optimized exact match anchor text.

Ideally, the links to your website should be earned naturally because you have great content.

Think about this: How many people would naturally link to your company with the phrase "good marketing agency"? The answer is very few if any.

So pay much more attention to use anchor text with internal links and navigate your visitors and search engines through your site.Think this way when optimizing your site, internal linking through your site is just as important as external backlinks are for your site.

Anchor text is an important part of your SEO strategy, use them judiciously and you’ll reap great benefits.

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